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Pelican EX 448 Case

The reusable Pelican EX 448 Case is the ideal alternative to traditional crates. Our new EX 448 Case is 20% lighter than wood, and eliminates assembly and damage associated with cardboard boxes and wood crates.

Complete custom solutions!

Anvil Cases

Our Calzone/Anvil® Cases can be customized to meet the shipping needs of any company. Whether it is a custom workbox for jobs on the move, cases for shipping flat screen monitors, or intricate rack-mount cases, we have the right solution for any industry. These cases make sure that no matter where you are, you always have your own personal workspace and the right equipment at your disposal. You name it, we can get it done. Boom!

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  • Andy with Silver State Case Company was great at providing me the best information I needed to make an informed decision. The company I work for needs cases that are custom designed with a few extra features not seen in your traditional case. The custom foam was an awesome addition to protect our expensive gear while we travel, yet light enough to keep within airline weight regulations. We will be coming to them for future casing products!

    Mike Miescke

    Mike Miescke

    Show Manager, The Skillville Group
  • Silver State Case Company was able to set me up with a custom order in a matter of hours. Their casing solutions were perfect for what we needed.

    Nate Littles

    Nate Littles

    GM, Case Co LTD
  • Thank you for your outstanding service. You were able to accommodate our needs quickly allowing us to meet deadlines. We are very happy with your custom foam products especially the custom Pelican case you designed for us to exact specifications for the iMac 27″ monitor. I highly recommend you all and look forward to doing business with you during future operations in Las Vegas.

    Stephanie Bullock

    Stephanie Bullock

    Operations & Event Coordinator, S & K Aerospace LLC

Custom interior for ultimate protection!

Custom Foam Products

Silver State Case Company isn’t just about the outer shell of protection. We custom design and engineer the interior of every case to offer you the best protection possible. Using the latest techniques and technologies we can create a foam housing for your valuable products keeping them safe and organized. 

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